What is Schweeet made from?


Schweeet’s ingredient is derived from raw cane sugar through a multi-step patented manufacturing process that selectively substitutes substitutes three of the hydroxyl groups of sucrose with chlorine atoms. Chlorine is present naturally in many of the foods and beverages that we eat and drink every day and plays an important role in many biological processes and in nature.

The presence of chlorine in Schweeet produces a sugar alternative that has no calories, yet is extremely sweeter than sugar. Schweeet tastes like sugar. Schweeet has a clean, quickly perceptible, sweet taste that does not leave an aftertaste. Schweeet retains its sweetness during all food and beverage manufacturing processes and this enables it to be used virtually anywhere sugar is used, including cooking and baking in the home.

Schweeet is not utilised for energy in the body because it is not broken down like sucrose (sugar). It passes rapidly through the body unchanged. The make-up of Schweeet has been extensively tested in more than 100 studies during a 20-year period and found to be a safe and remarkably inert ingredient. It can be used by all populations, including pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children of all ages. Schweeet is beneficial for individuals with diabetes because research demonstrates that is has no affect on carbohydrate metabolism, short or long term blood glucose changes, or insulin secretion.

One advantage of Schweeet for food and beverage manufacturers and consumers is its exceptional stability. It retains its sweetness over a wide range of temperatures and storage conditions over time. Because of its unique combination of great sugar like taste coupled with its stability, it can be used to create a wide range of great-tasting new foods and beverages. This can include canned fruit, low-no calorie drinks hot or cold, baked goods, sauces and syrups. Schweeet can also be used as a sugar alternative in nutritional supplements, medical foods, vitamin/mineral supplements and pharmaceuticals. Consumers have a greater choice of low calorie foods and beverages with Schweeet.

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