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Company Values – As I was going down the fitness and nutrition journey a few years I go I wanted to take it more seriously, I decided to give up sugar (amongst other things). I soon realised that the best way for my body to lose weight was to maintain nutritional ketosis(not very well known outside of the fitness industry). During this process I found that I would still occasionally crave sweet foods, including adding sugar to my coffee or in food. Ideally I was looking for the taste of sugar but without the negative side effects. I found that most of the sweeteners on the market either didn’t taste like sugar or had an aftertaste. Reading ingredients obsessively for some time there was some cases where solid sweeteners had Maltodextrin or Dextrose added to them as bulking agents, which are alternative forms / names of sugar and still had negative effects.

I soon found that sugar and all sweeteners would raise blood sugar levels (and lower ketones) so I spent a few years researching the best solution before Schweeet was finally born. Schweeet is the only sugar alternative on the market(currently) that does not affect blood sugar and blood ketone levels, with zero calories and zero carbohydrates. Schweeet is ideal for diabetics and anyone looking to maintain ketosis (for medical purposes) or fitness fanatics. Schweeet tastes exactly like sugar but without any of the negative side effects or aftertaste of sweeteners. The make up of Schweeet is deemed safe by many governing bodies including the NHS

I also found that Schweeet could be used to help others, I have a severely disabled uncle with epilepsy so I started letting him, friends and other family members try Schweeet to replace sugar, with incredible results. Suddenly I realised that I could help others to avoid sugar and live healthier lives without the loss of taste of sugar in their food and drinks.

Company Mission

Our mission and company values are to help society get away from refined sugars, lose weight and feel healthy, without the loss of taste. We are a trusted company who will only ever be part of products that have your health in mind. If you see our trade mark on a product you can be guaranteed that there will be no refined or added sugars this is one of our main company values. Our passion is that good fats should be brought back in to foods like they used to be, instead of sugar. Until then you can finally get the pleasure without the pain.

Our Company Values Matter

Sugar Negatives

  • Sugar has links to cancer, it can also feed cancer cells the energy to sub divide, contributing to spread of the disease
  • Sugar can causes seizures in epileptics and non epileptics
  • Can rot your teeth
  • Can cause Gum Disease
  • Can cause Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
  • Can contribute to the cause and continual degredation of new age diseases such as Dementia and Alzheimers
  • Sugar can cause insulin resistance, a stepping stone towards metabolic syndrome and diabetes
  • Insulin resistance can progress to type 2 diabetes
  • Due to its effects on hormones and the brain, sugar can have unique fat promoting effects
  • Sugar is a leading contributor to obesity in both adults and children
  • Sugar can raise your bad cholesterol
  • Sugar can increase uric acid levels, high uric acid levels are now a proven risk factor for kidney and heart disease
  • Sugar can cause the hormone Insulin to spike in the blood stream, high levels of insulin have been proven to prematurely age your skin and cause hair loss

Schweeet Positives

Benefits of Schweeet over sugar or generic tablet sweeteners

  • Schweeet cannot be processed like sugar is, the majority of ingested Schweeet is not broken down by the body, making it noncaloric.
  • Tastes like sugar
  • No aftertaste like sweeteners
  • 0 Calories
  • 0 Carbohydrates
  • Liquid form can be added to almost anything for cooking in replacement of sugar
  • 1 drop is equal to around 5 grams of sugar

Convenient to carry around, non caloric, tasty and easy to use!


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Schweeet is a diabetic safe, 0 calorie 0 carbohydrate liquid sugar alternative with NO AFTERTASTE. Perfect for all types of diabetes it tastes identical to real sugar and will not affect your blood sugar levels at all! Schweeet can be used to replace sugar in almost every food and drink recipe, from coffee to custard! the list is endless!

Schweeet is a 0 calorie, 0 carbohydrate liquid sugar alternative that tastes indentical to sugar. As 1 drop has the same taste as a level teaspoon of sugar, it is perfect to help you get away from refined sugars and feel healthy, without the loss of taste.

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