How will Schweeet affect your health?

Hear testimonials from people that have used and love Schweeet, from fitness enthusiasts, to personal trainers to people with diabetes! whatever your goal is, Schweeet is suitable for anyone!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much Schweeet this has helped me out over my six week shred. I have a sweet tooth, and when I got my diet plan and I was told to have porridge made with water and protein shakes made with water my stomach turned. I mean who wants to eat gruel or drink a tasteless protein shake? What the guys at Schweeet have done is create a sugar alternative with zero calories, zero carbs and is 100% safe for diabetics… it leaves no aftertaste, tastes exactly like sugar and can be used instead of sugar in anything. Also it has no effects on blood sugars or ketones so if you’re in ketosis or on a ketogenic diet this is the one. Seriously this is a game changer. Go check out their page and get yourself some, trust me you won’t regret it


What our client’s say about us?

  • I have been using schweeet on and off for about a year now, I used to have a drop in my tea as I was cutting down my sugar intake. It wasn't until I started doing a 6 week shred that it's full potential came to light. Obviously trying to lose as much bodyfat as possible in a short space of time means giving up all the nice treats. Not the case with this stuff....... porridge made with water tastes just like it's made with milk, protein shakes made with water taste amazing. Protein snacks made using schweeet taste absolutely amazing (and I have a sweet tooth) and all of this without any sugar? This is seriously a game changer. No calories, no carbs and no longer missing that sweetness in my life

    Mr John White
    Mr John White Personal Trainer
  • "I started using Schweeet when I started my shred diet and it completely changed the way everything tasted, going from boring bland food to adding 2 drops of Schweet 0 sugar 0 calories made everything so much nicer. Amazing product at a great price, almost too good to be true! Try it you'll be amazed".

    Mrs Lisa Kelly
    Mrs Lisa Kelly Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • "Being a type 1 diabetic is a constant struggle to control your sugar levels whilst eating a little bit of what you fancy which is sweet. Sure there are puddings and yoghurts etc with sweeteners in, like aspartame, which is better for my sugar levels than sugar but knowing that it's not good for my body overall when you're health conscious is a complete turn off. Plus there is no way of baking with it either! So when I discovered Schweeet I was amazed! Not only can you add it to anything, custard, yoghurt, milk to make milkshakes or porridge (the list is endless) you can also bake with it!!! It has no horrible after taste which other sweeteners have but tastes EXACTLY the same as sugar, with NO calories and does NOT raise my blood sugar levels at all!! Amazing! Also being health conscious, it is not detrimental to my health like other sweeteners or sugar in general. Having replaced sugar with Schweeet in my coffee, porridge and baking etc, and not even noticed any difference in taste, along side my fitness regime I have successfully lost over 2 stone in weight and dropped 2 dress sizes!! So I am living proof that you get so much more than 'just a sweetener' with Schweeet! It's a healthier way of life and I would recommend it to anyone who cares about their body!"

    Ms Danni Clack
    Ms Danni Clack Type 1 Diabetic

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Schweeet is a diabetic safe, 0 calorie 0 carbohydrate liquid sugar alternative with NO AFTERTASTE. Perfect for all types of diabetes it tastes identical to real sugar and will not affect your blood sugar levels at all! Schweeet can be used to replace sugar in almost every food and drink recipe, from coffee to custard! the list is endless!

Schweeet is a 0 calorie, 0 carbohydrate liquid sugar alternative that tastes indentical to sugar. As 1 drop has the same taste as a level teaspoon of sugar, it is perfect to help you get away from refined sugars and feel healthy, without the loss of taste.

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