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Recipes for Dinner, Dessert and So Much More now made with Schweeet. Remove sugar from your favourite recipe and add in Schweeet instead to bring the same taste back, guilt free. 1 drop of Schweeet has the same taste as 4 to 5 grams of sugar. Try out our ideas and recipes, be amazed!

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All of the Recipes and Ideas on this website are made without adding sugar and require the purchase/use of Schweeet.

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Schweeet is a diabetic safe, 0 calorie 0 carbohydrate liquid sugar alternative with NO AFTERTASTE. Perfect for all types of diabetes it tastes identical to real sugar and will not affect your blood sugar levels at all! Schweeet can be used to replace sugar in almost every food and drink recipe, from coffee to custard! the list is endless!

Schweeet is a 0 calorie, 0 carbohydrate liquid sugar alternative that tastes indentical to sugar. As 1 drop has the same taste as a level teaspoon of sugar, it is perfect to help you get away from refined sugars and feel healthy, without the loss of taste.

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This is a group for people to share low carb or keto friendly recipe ideas that have Schweeet used in them, these ideas and recipes are aimed at people who are diabetic, or choose to live a low carb / ketogenic healthy way of life!

No refined or added sugars allowed!

Your life, Schweeetened!